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Living and Learning with mTBI.png

Learn about how concussions can impact our thinking skills, emotions, social capacity, and behaviour. Additionally, in this workshop, you will learn effective strategies for helping to re-train your nervous system as well as strategies for compensating for challenges that are persisting. Dr. Robb will provide a 60-minute review of the research and will be available for 60 minutes to answer questions.

Vestibular Rehab.png

Feeling off balance? Dizzy? Experiencing falls, blurry vision or disorientation? All following a concussion? You may be experiencing changes in your vestibular system. Join Physiotherapist Elizabeth Brugman and Certified Atheletic Therapist Marianna Varpalotai to learn about the Vestibular System, what it is and its affects post mTBI. Learn skills you can use at home to help reset your brain and vestibular system.

Feed Your Brain.png

Join BIAN and Certified Nutritionist and Registered Occupational Therapist - Kylie James and explore the benfits of nutrition on Brain Health. With cost of goods on the rise we look to explore how we can best feed our Brains on a budget. We will look at time and energy saving startegies to support your brain and gut health.

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