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Youth Seed Grant Project

• The PURPOSE of the PROJECT •

is to determine how to reach & meet the needs of youth in Niagara who have an acquired brain injury (ABI) within the scope of BIAN's mission of support, social activities, community & peer opportunities, advocacy and information

• in SUPPORT of •

Youth in Early Adolescence (12-14)
Youth in Adolescence (15-18)
Early Adults (18-29)
living with a mild to moderate ABI, particularly concussion incurred in sports & activities

• The GOALS of the PROJECT  •
are to determine

How does BIAN best reach youth who have an ABI?

What approaches & strategies are most effective at emotionally &  socially engaging youth with ABI in order that they can better   understand, accept, & manage their condition?

What is the best way to deliver education, social and wellness     programs to this group?
How can youth benefit from opportunities for peer support?

Does supporting families lead to improved sense of well-being in the injured youth?

Who can we build partnerships with to better educate the community about acquired brain injuries and its intersection with mental health?

If you are a youth who identifies as having a brain injury, are a family member, or work with anyone who falls within this experience, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. Pease contact Arlene Kerr-Martin at  arlene@bianiagara.org or 905 329-4405.