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Sport Concussion Assessment Tool

The new consensus statement on concussion in sport, along with updated new concussion resources, were publicly released March 12, 2013.

Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the statement is primarily for use by physicians and healthcare professionals who are involved in the care of injured athletes.

It is a result of the 4th international Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurickh, November 2012, and revises and updates earlier recommendations developed following the 1st (Vienna 2001), 2nd (Prague, 2004) AND 3RD (Zurich, 2008) international conferences. One of the co-authors is Dr. Charles Tator, founder of ThinkFirst Canada, now part of Parachute Canada.

Updated, new resources include the Concussion Recognition Tool (CRT), the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool V3 (SCAT 3) and the SCAT3 for children ages five to 12 years. The authors encourage readers to copy and distribute freely all these documents but to do so without altering them or converting them to a digital format.

Please go to ThinkFirst Canada for the links for these resources: http://www.thinkfirst.ca/programs/concussion.aspx

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